Voice and Data Cabling

WireGuys has the ability and expertise to help you with the design and installation of your voice and data cabling requirements.

Voice and Data Cable Installation Toronto

Every business that seeks to thrive in today’s technologically advanced economy should seek ways of leveraging the voice and data technology starting with the installation of the right networking hardware. The popularity of the voice and data technology has registered a significant boom over the last several years with different players in the voice and data services packing their products and services in ways that will see them grow their customer base.

It is a fact that we cannot refute, but we know that only the best in the game will lead the pack and this stems from providing the best voice and data services and plans. Aside from doing that, we also help our customers to establish an infrastructure that supports this investment.

It may prove to be a laborious undertaking just to re-wire the office or computer system, and this may come with various small expenses couples with an unpredicted computer or network downtime.

At WireGuys, you get specialists in the fields of laying out, setting up, and terminating various wiring in the office. All this is done in compliance with the business’ specification to ensure all your network cabling problems are effectively addressed.

Our Voice and Data Wiring Solutions Includes

  • Network Cabling, Voice, and Data done using category 5e, 6, and 6A cables.
  • Troubleshooting the Office (building) cabling layouts and voice or data issues.
  • Rewiring and upgrading (including removal and proper disposal) of the old cables.
  • Installation of network hardware such as internet antennas or satellite dishes.
  • Installation of security systems, in particular, the Audiovisual equipment.

Let the professional cabling specialists at WireGuys offer you the support you need for your networking needs and help you make the best decisions. Our experts in the wiring department can provide well-detailed paperwork that includes the layout of your system including the voice and data locations.

Cleanup Of Network Cables

We are very capable of assessing any cabling issues that you may be facing with your electrical storage or server rooms and offer you the best networking and cabling solutions that ensure a seamless function or operation. The services will also make sure that you have well-organized and maintained areas.

Let us work on your old cabling infrastructure, do away with the unnecessary wiring and upgrade you to a more competent cabling system that is fast, efficient and easy to manage.

Removal of Unnecessary Cable

Cables will gradually lose their purpose as changes in technology take place and these can become hazardous. The unneeded cables should be removed from the ceilings, vents, walls, floors, and other parts of the building to minimize the risk of hazards.

But cleaning up the unnecessary cables is not an easy task. It can be tricky knowing what to look out for and where to check to ensure all the old and outdated cabling is removed from the office and building.

WireGuys is experienced and highly qualified in dealing with structured cabling. We can identify what is unwanted and plan for the proper removal of the wiring from any part of the building.

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Trust WireGuys With Your Cabling Needs

The team at WireGuys understands the value of a great data and voice plan, but we also know that those plans must be supported by the best voice and data cabling available. That’s why we offer everything from troubleshooting and upgrading to network hardware installation and security system installations.