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Voice and Data Cabling Hamilton

Are you looking for a fast and professional voice and data cabling solutions in Hamilton, ON? If the answer is a yes, then it may be a good idea to consider Wire Guys. We offer professional voice and data cabling solutions that can benefit small businesses.

We usually provide phone systems and voice & data cabling solutions. Whether your business is old or new, we can assure you that we will offer services that will meet or even exceed your needs. We are able to do this because of our 15 years of experience working with various businesses in Hamilton and nearby areas.

This has enabled us to future proof the cabling of our clients and create a wiring closet that looks like a work of art. Our team of experienced network designers will assess your complete needs to ensure that the end product is something you will proud of.

At Wire Guys, we don’t only look at your immediate applications but also consider future growth of your business and possible technology changes that would have an impact on your cabling needs.

Our cost/benefit analysis factors in considerations such as the kind of equipment, load balancing, and redundancy. Our design capabilities are among the best in the industry.

All the network cabling is designed by an experienced designer, who has been handling complex design for a long period of time and has handled different cable installations. Our designs the latest components that are integrated together with the latest design requirements and specifications.

We have infrastructure design capabilities that range across a broad spectrum of commercial applications like multi-building campus environments, large data centres, traditional multi-level office environments and commercial shopping malls/ plazas.

Our capabilities have enabled us to do various construction activities that are required for a job to begin. These activities include installing cable support hardware, installing telecommunications closets, rack installation, core drilling, conduit trays, mounting equipment and several other functions.

At Wire Guys, we test and certify our installations to meet or even exceed industry standards, meet our manufacturer’s specifications and meet all the warranty requirements. When you hire us, you will be assured of expertise, experience and professional ongoing support.

If you need a free analysis of your voice & data cabling needs for your Hamilton business, contact us today 1 (888) 818 1886 or email us at




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