Network Jack Installation
Toronto, ON

Network jacks are a very convenient way of keeping devices connected on demand to a network. The following will be included in a quality service:

  • Planning the ideal location, including for aesthetic reasons, for a Network Jack Installation.
  • Testing the wall for any other potential running utilities to make sure old ones are not damaged when new network jacks are installed.
  • Drilling or cutting drywall may be required to install a network jack.
  • Installing on both ends to set up the network jack (communication room jack).
  • Conducting tests on the installed jack for loss of signal and connectivity.

We offer different kinds of network jacks to meet your specific needs. So whether you need to get another tv connected to your cable or connect computers to a network, or nearly anything else, we can help you!

Our network jack installations usually are able to support both data and phone. We would like to offer you the option of using our jacks with your plug-and-play devices. That means a double jack is able to support both data networks and phones. We always recommend that a second cable is added to a new jack in the event that in future one gets cut.

Our network jack installer experts can recommend the best location for placing your jack. It may be inside of a cubicle or on top of a table to support the jacks. It is very important to install a network jack in an easily accessible location.

Network jacks may be installed on many different surfaces including concrete walls, drywall, and conference room tables. Network jack installation may be done for various types of plugs and cables including HDMI, coax, cat6, cat5e, fiber and numerous other kinds of low voltage cables.

Installing a network jack requires testing, labeling and getting the jack fastened to the surface. We provide an excel sheet or map of jack location at our customer’s request and label all jacks. The map helps if any diagnostics need to be done on the network jack in the future.

To plan how many jacks your office needs, count on having two jacks for every user and also add a network jack installation necessary for wireless access points, printers, or other devices that might need internet. it is a good idea to add network jacks to locations within a 5-meter area where there are no jacks. That will enable you to relocate staff and furniture without needing to call in technicians every time an employee needs to be moved.

Network jack installations are quite similar to installing phone jacks or other types of low volt jack installations. We offer HDMI jack installation in pure HDMI cable or over a network cable (Cat6 or Cat5e). That requires installing network jacks that use universal plugs with the ability to support all types of plugs.

To comply with TIA Cabling Standards, network jack installations must be labeled properly and tested after the job is complete. There are a couple of manufacturers that offer certification for network jack installation.

It is necessary for expert cable installers to perform Network Jack Installation. Network jack installations need to be secluded due to any potential interference that may be introduced to a network and should not be done near power circuits. Before the job starts, you may request network jack certification. If your network jack installation needs to be certified, please inform your technician in advance.

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