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Fiber Optic Cable Installation In Mississauga

For voice to video channels, a professional focus on communication quality is the focus, along with results for functions such as fiber optic cabling and high-speed internet access. These solutions include cost savings and enhanced performance. When writing distances extend past 300 feet or 90 meters, Fiber cabling is the suggested method for faster data transmission. However, you can’t just upgrade a fiber optic cabling system without experience. Skill is needed to make sure there’s is speed and trustworthiness for a scalable and flexible communications framework.

Observe the capability, performance and TCO benefits of a passive optical network, or PON, which is a point-to-multipoint, fiber-to-user computing framework employing unpowered optical splitters enabling a strand of single-mode optical fiber handling many users and diminishing the demand for active equipment within an installation and the volume of physical cables.

Wire Guys Inc. provides optical fiber cabling installation works for PONs, as well as other procedures, for hundreds of businesses in numerous industries. They take care of the needs of today with a look at the advances for tomorrow.

With recurrent training, our team is consistently up to date on the latest fiber optic technologies as well as the newest communication demands for distinct industries and applications.

We bring the latest materials for fiber optic installation and splicing duties, and our expert cabling techs know how to run fiber cables in every conceivable situation. We give fiber optic testing and certification, assuring that test results are acceptable and installation is always satisfactory.

Best Fibre Optic Cable Installers in Mississauga, Ontario

We will install and close every kind of fiber optic cable. We are trained in fitting and supplying fiber optic network cabling in single and multi-modes including OS1, OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4.

Single Mode is typically embodied to join long distance runs to connect buildings. Although it is pricey, it is the appropriate pick for long distances or significant data transfer.

Multi-Mode Fiber is the perfect replacement for Ethernet Cabling or copper. This kind of fiber cables runs is best used for when the distance of copper cable is longer than 300 feet. With Multi-Mode Fiber, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10Gbit/s) is possible with at much as 300 meters distances.

Fibre Optic Splicing and Termination Services

We have the perfect and professional tech for you whether you desire to run a fiber optic backbone or if you require fiber termination and splicing. Our team has all the fiber termination and splicing tools necessary, and we give the appropriate tests to make sure you are equipped with the correct network bandwidth without complications.

If you need a free analysis of your fiber optic cabling needs for your Toronto business, contact us today 1 (888) 818 1886 or email us at

Fiber Optic Cabling FAQs

What type of fiber cables Wire Guys install in Mississauga?

Depending on the location, whether indoor or outdoor and depending on the environment, Wire Guys has installed and terminated a sundry of fiber cables in Mississauga.

We do consult and design services regarding fiber optic cabling. However, because the technology surrounding fiber optics is regularly changing, we make sure fiber optic cabling is the appropriate choice for you.

What kind of Fiber Optic Cables Exist?

Fibre optic cable is split between Single Mode and Multi-mode. The Multi-mode variation is in two key sizes – 50-micron and 62.5-micron. There is a vast width and many channels of light. The Single Mode variety offers more distance than the Multi-mode by roughly 50 times. It is used to join premises and buildings. There is a small 8-10 micron glass core and a single pathway of light.

For My Company, What Kind of Fiber Optic Do I Need?

Unlike copper, fibre is stable and less vulnerable to attenuation, and it can transmit data past 100 meters. For the bulk of small and mid-size companies, MM or Multi-mode would be used. Also, within a building is suitable for Multi-mode. The higher functioning Single Mode is frequently used for campus networks between structures.

What Kind of Cabling is Better than Copper?

There are many advantages of copper that fibre optics entails. It is an economic resource capable of building more extended point-to-point links than conventional data cables. Additionally, with fibre optics, the bandwidth is more full, lighter and uses less space. It is light and is not affected by electrical interferences.

In What Ways is Fiber Used for Digital Video and Audio?

You will find that digital video is frequently carried over vast distances through the use of fibre optics. In the cases where audio is embedded in a digital video bitstream, the automatic transmission will take place over an optical fiber link with the video. This relates to SDI at 270Mb/s and HDSDI at 1.485Gbps.

What is Attenuation?

When optical power is reduced as is passes along a fibre, it manifests in decibels. An Attenuator reduces signal power in fibre optic links.

What is the Difference Between a Plenum-Rate Fibre and a Riser Fiber?

PVC Cable, otherwise known as Riser Fiber comprises an exterior polyvinyl chloride jacket. This jacket exudes toxic fumes as it burns. A Riser Fiber may be used for vertical and horizontal runs only if the structure has a ventilation system. Plenum-Rate Fibre replaces a Riser. However, a Riser can’t be used in Plenum locations.




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