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WireGuys has the ability and expertise to help you with the design, installation, and audit of your data, voice, and network cabling.

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Cabling Audits

Once it’s installed and relatively out of sight, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that the networking and telecommunications hardware, cable, and wires of your company or business are set and can be ignored. That’s not true though, especially if things have been in place for a few years. Networks are something that evolves with time, with things like unplanned or ad-hoc add-ons done to accommodate an office reorganization or extra machines.

The issue here is that such additions rarely get documented, and even if they do, it might not have been done properly. If the IT staff that did them leave your staff, then you might find unexpected difficulties when you try to make even more changes or troubleshoot things.

Going through cabling auditing is a good move. We provide comprehensive and robust audit services for any establishment of cabling infrastructure. With our in-depth analysis, our services can detect problems underlying in your business so that you can avoid serious network disruptions, dropped data packets, and poor data flow rates. We can map or remap your existing infrastructure, identify weaknesses, and save time when you want to make changes or plan future expansions and requirements.

Our team of network professionals does comprehensive audits of existing networks to identify possible issues with overall performance, equipment, and infrastructure.

We’re here to both design and then also implement cabinet plans, so it’s easier to see where there might be spare capacity. An audit can also identify and then correct labeling issues that happen on outlets and patch panels. If performance problems are something you’re experiencing, then we can test cables individually to find bottlenecks and the kinds of cables that are in use. We can repatch when needed.

Audits of your network and cabling include mains cabling as well so that we can be sure it is both safe and not overloaded. We even go over the power requirements of your various cabinets and their heat output, so that your machine room can be planned out well, including future network cabinet replacements.

Once an audit gets finished, then you can better identify any possible issues from older cables that might not handle or deal with newer and faster network speeds, as well as the signal drop that happens over longer distances. You can also possibly plan future requirements for network growth or find ways to use your office space in better ways, including extra cabling in places.

If you think you’re due for a cable audit, or you already know of specific cabling work that needs to be done, give us a call for a free consultation.




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The WireGuys team has the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to provide fresh insight into your existing cabling setup. In order to stay up to date and ensure the fastest speeds, your cabling setup will benefit from a thorough audit by our team.

We will analyze every aspect of your current cabling to pinpoint any issues that could be slowing you down.