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Service Cable

Wire Guys provides customized service cable and solutions in Toronto. We scale the solution exactly, to meet your company’s requirements.

Wire Guys ensures that your business receives the quality technology it deserves while never compromising the overall service. From Unified communications solutions to expertly run connections, we make Data Cabling in Toronto affordable and simplify your data and communication needs.

Specialists in

  • Data Cabling
  • Network Cabling
  • Structured Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • Data and Voice
  • Cable & Fiber Optics Installation
  • Network Wiring

Voice and Data Cabling (Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 FT61)

  • Telephone cabling and Jack Installations
  • Data Cabling and Jack Installations
  • Upgrade Network Cabling and Expand Existing Network
  • Install Cable for Voice Over IP & Standard Telephone System
  • Wire Guys will provide professional Installation that suits your needs.

Telephone Systems, Voicemail Installation or System relocation

  • Install Norstar phone systems and Voicemail
  • Move System from old location to New Location
  • Program Phone System and Voice mail
  • Relocate extensions or move extensions.
  • Program and maintain your system for one low price
  • We Install and move Norstar phone systems, relocate extensions and add additional cabling and jacks for you system
  • Need extension move or relocate call or send us your requirement and we will arrange with you to have this done

Other Installations and Services

  • Paging and speaker installation
  • Security camera Installations for protection and peace of mind
  • Satellite Installations (Entertainment)
  • Wire management and Closet Cleanup
  • Line troubleshooting and Testing connections
  • Certifying cables , labellings and Documentation

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