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  • Business Series Terminal T7208
  • Business Series Terminal T7316E
  • Business Series Terminal T7316E + T24 KIM
  • Messaging 100/150 Basic Contact Center
  • Norstar System – Compact ICS
  • Norstar System – Modular ICS

Paradox Security Products:

  • DGP-848 Digiplex Main Board
  • EVO96 96-Zone Expandable Security & Access Control System
  • DNE-K07 Grafica Graphic LCD Keypad Module with built-in indoor temperature sensor
  • DGP2-640 Digiplex 96-Zone Icon LCD Keypad Module
  • DGP2-641BL 32-Character Blue LCD Keypad Module

With one call to Wire Guys you can get your site survey and your cabling infrastructure in place.

All our Cables are premium quality including both FT4 (Plenum/Fire Rated) and building and fire code rated e.g. FT6.

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