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network-cable-wiringImplementing a Network Cabling Solution with Wire Guys means outfitting your business with the information and communication infrastructure it needs to match the demand of today’s business.Our team of skilled engineers can help you with, relocating, upgrading your current cabling network and setting up a brand new network cabling solution.

Whether you are upgrading your current cabling network, relocating, or just in need of brand new network cabling solution, Wire Guys are the right people for the job. Our engineers and technicians are a dedicated group of highly trained and experienced individuals that excel in network planning and design solutions. At Wire Guys we strive to give you the fastest, most efficient network possible and the services we provide are tailored to meet our clients specific business needs.

Wire Guys will develop solutions to make your network as fast and efficient as possible by using our expertise in network topologies and LAN cable materials (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 FT61).

Wire Guys performs the following services :

  • Networking Cable management and design for small to large scale cable plants
  • Copper Networking Cable for category 5e (cat5e) cabling, category 5 (cat5) cabling, category 6 (cat6) cabling, ANSI/EIA/TIA cable standards
  • Fiber cables, Multimode, Single mode for long distance and interference free communication
  • Ethernet Network Cable for Office buildings (small, medium and enterprise sized business), call centres, Data centres, small offices and warehouses
  • High Quality telco grade Network wiring, patch panels and jacks
  • Test your network cable install

Having quality network cabling helps your business run smoother by giving you a faster, more reliable internet and date connection. Computer networks are the centre of modern communication, with the need for new and more users steadily increasing, in addition to the need to expand data networks and add new network hardware, Data Network Cabling is critical to the maintenance and growth of any business or organization.

Wire Guys certified cabling technicians are committed to providing clients quality network cabling solutions. If you have any questions or would like to hire the team, please do not hesitate to contact us.